Hello!  Welcome to my professional resume blog, where you can learn more about my work as an experiential educator and trainer focusing on peace, social justice, and civic engagement with a digital tech and social media twist.  Check out what I have been doing recently.

I am currently working as a Senior Program Officer at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC where I lead curriculum development and educational design for the Global Campus – USIP’s online learning platform designed to teach and learn critical peacebuilding skills. I am also an adjunct professor at American University  in Washington, DC where I teach three courses: Peace PedagogyEducation for International Development, and a nonviolent action skills institute. I am also an independent, experiential education and training consultant, working with organizations, schools, and teachers to design and facilitate engaging peace education, nonviolence, and conflict resolution workshops.

I enjoy teaching, training, and organizing around issues of peace, social justice, and civic engagement and, where appropriate, integrating digital and social media.  My professional career and academic background have been dedicated to these pursuits and I am always seizing opportunities that can develop my skills further, allow me to work and engage with diverse learners, and keep exploring new topics within the above-mentioned fields.

I have worked for several social justice and non-formal, experiential education organizations, facilitating trainings and workshops for learners of all ages and from all across the world. Prior to joining USIP I served as Senior Director for Learning & Digital Strategies at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. I have done consulting work for organizations such as One World Education, One World Youth Project, LearnServe International, and the United States Association for the University for Peace.

I served for three years as Assistant Director of the Democracy Matters Institute and then Director of Youth Programs at Common Cause, designing and facilitating trainings for youth and young adults on how to do grassroots organizing around pro-democracy issues. I have also been a Program Supervisor and Instructor with the Close Up Foundation – the nation’s largest civic education and engagement non-profit – where I taught civic engagement workshops for young people from all across the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and Eurasia.  I have also been a teacher for Putney Student Travel’s Excel Program at Amherst College where I taught the History of War and International Relations; an urban crew leader with the Student Conservation Association, working with DC area youth in conservation, trail building and environmental education; and a consultant for Project Agape, the internet company that designed the Causes application on Facebook.

I have a teaching and training style that is participatory and experiential – meaning that I place high value on the experiences and insights that students and workshop participants bring into the learning space and use those as the catalyst for learning and the foundation off of which to explore new ideas.

Over the past several years I have delivered lectures, given presentations, and facilitated workshops all over the world – Philippines, Cambodia, Mexico, Spain, Belize – and at over 30 colleges and universities across the United States including Stanford University, UNC Chapel Hill, Penn State University, University of Virginia, Lynchburg College,  Bowie State University, Middlebury College, and Virginia Tech, University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Ohio State University.