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Interview for 30 Years of Nonviolence International – Sharing History

In this clip I tell the story of my visit to the National Civil Rights Museum with my (then) four year old daughter. I discuss the experience of learning about and reflecting on difficult history with someone so young, and her reaction to it.

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Applying Conflict Analysis to Nonviolent Action

The following description provided by the United States Institute of Peace, which hosted this virtual event.

Citizens around the world are using nonviolent action to push for social change. The recent anti-government protests in Iran are just one example, as are movements for peaceful and fair elections in Kenya and Honduras. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others refined and implemented these nonviolent strategies and tactics during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, and they can be combined with peacebuilding approaches to transform violent conflict abroad.

To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the U.S. Institute of Peace is hosting a series of expert panels on Facebook focused on this combination of peacebuilding and nonviolent action.

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Media and Arts for Peace

On May 25th, my friend and colleague, Honey Al Sayed and I facilitated a launch event for the online course, Media and Arts for Peace, created by the United States Institute of Peace and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.. The event was held at the United States Institute of Peace and looked at how creativity, storytelling, and strategy help peacebuilders, civil society actors, social enterprises, and policymakers incorporate media and the arts into their work in ways that break cycles of violence and transform conflict.

We brought together an outstanding range of artists, musicians, international policy experts, and educators to perform, inspire, and tell their stories!

Peace Frequency Podcast – Strategic Peacebuilding Series

During the month of October, I had the pleasure of helping facilitate a USIP online course called Strategic Peacebuilding. The main instructor for the course was George Lopez, who took about 40 students through an amazing educational journey exploring the 7 components of strategic peacebuilding. Part of this journey included four episodes of the Peace Frequency podcast series, where George and I interviewed prominent peacebuilders about their work. Take a listen to the series. Enjoy.

Peace Frequency w/ Guest, George Lopez. In this interview we touch on topics of how the peacebuilding field has evolved and adapted overtime and how the concept of “strategic peacebuilding” came to be.


Peace Frequency w/ Guest, Nadia Gerspacher. In this interview we talk about community policing and advising.


Peace Frequency w/ Guest Maria Stephan. In this interview we explore the world of nonviolent, civil resistance and the implications of her award-winning book, Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict.


Peace Frequency w/ Guest Fiona Mangan. In this interview we talk about establishing and protecting the rule of law in conflict affected environments and interviewing prisoners to learn about how justice systems are being implemented.

How Technology Can Help Activists Nagivate nder Pressure


This past week I participated in a great event at USIP organized by the PeaceTech initiative and Dr. Maria Stephan, a senior policy fellow at USIP’s Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding. The event looked at the role that technology can play to aid nonviolent activists around the world. I had the opportunity as a result of this event to interview some amazing activists and technologists about their work addressing this challenge.

This post below originally appeared on the United States Institute of Peace’s Olive Branch blog and was written by Noel Dickover, Senior Program Officer at USIP.

How can technology support activists using nonviolent conflict approaches in difficult places?  A two-day workshop at the United States of Peace (USIP) that gathered 70 civic activists, policymakers, technologists, NGO leaders, and education professionals sparked eight distinct, innovative projects that will aim to overcome limits to mobilizing citizens in repressive places.

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Highlights from Music of Nonviolent Action Event at USIP

A recording of the June 10th event at USIP, “Rhythms at the Intersection of Peace and Conflict: The Music of Nonviolent Resistance” is now available on YouTube. Don’t have time to watch the whole event and the movie? Then check out some of the key points and highlights I have extracted from the discussion. Powerful and insightful points were made by both panelists and participants alike.

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2013 Conflict Resolution Education Conference


This past Thursday, June 13th, I facilitated a one-day workshop titled, “People Power and Pedagogy: Methods for Teaching Nonviolent Struggle.” There were about 19 participants in the workshop who were all attending pre-conference trainings 7th annual Conflict Resolution Education Conference. This made it one of the most well-attended trainings of the conference. The feedback and comments on the workshop were also very nice to read. Here are a couple quotes from the evaluations:

Daryn managed a very egalitarian structure to the group. No “talking head” behavior. Great material, great activities, great opportunity!

Excellent mix of academic theory and activities. Well prepared, but also flexible. Remained engaged with the group and kept us engaged during this long session. Thank you!

Excellent: interaction, empowerment of participants, Daryn’s presentation skills/ability to clearly articulate info/resources/concepts as well as ensure participants voices understood. Overall facilitation of activities was great.

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