Gandhi/King Conference

This weekend I presented a paper at the Gandhi/King conference in Memphis, TN.  The paper is titled, “The Structural Violence of American Politics: Barriers to Peace and Justice in the World’s Most Powerful Democracy.”  Here is a quick excerpt from the introduction:

One of the biggest challenges America faces today is the overwhelming role of private money in the political process. The private financing of election campaigns is a form of structural violence in America’s political system because it creates an inequality of political power. This form of structural violence perpetuates social inequities and injustice that in turn enable and encourage the use of violence as a tool of American foreign policy. This paper makes the case that citizens need to combat this form of structural violence in America’s political system in order to overcome barriers to peace and social justice in the world’s most powerful democracy.

This was the second time I had presented this paper.  The first was at the Gandhi Center for Nonviolence conference at James Madison University.

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