Orange Revolution Screening and Panel Discussion

This evening I was at WHYY in Philadelphia, PA to moderate a panel on the role of nonviolent resistance in the Orange Revolution.  The discussion followed a screening of the documentary film, Orange Revolution.

I was joined on the panel with three other individuals.  Steve York, the director of the documentary, spoke in depth about the struggle and what the experience was like shooting the film.  Adrian Karatnycky, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and Managing Partner of Myrmidon Group LLC, spoke about some of the politics behind the Orange Revolution and the future of Ukraine.  Mary Lord, Scholar in Residence at Pendle Hill, talked about the differences between nonviolence as an ethical and moral principle versus nonviolent action as a strategic means to achieve and wield political and social power.

I had been working a lot with WHYY and York/Zimmerman, Inc. (the film’s production company) in organizing this event.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

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