International Center on Nonviolent Conflict Launches New Website

Today, ICNC launched a brand new website.

When I came on board with ICNC in July 2009, one of my primary responsibilities was to help them finalize the development of a new website and get it launched.  The site was built on the open source content management system (CMS), Joomla. In the process of putting this site together I learned a lot about this CMS and the thousands of extensions available for Joomla that can add to the functionality of the site.  Joomla is a real testament to the innovation the is generated using open-source platforms and software. is quickly becoming one of the web’s leading resources on the topic of civil resistance and nonviolent struggle.  Through the site users can:

  • learn about the theory and strategy behind waging nonviolent struggle to establish and defend human rights, justice, and democratic self-rule.
  • investigate specific methods and tactics used my nonviolent social movements throughout history.
  • use customizable search filters to browse a growing library of resources (articles, books, digital media, curricula)  related to the field.
  • use customizable search filters to browse articles by tactics used, issues addresses, region of the world, and specific country.
  • sign up for events (courses, webinars, and workshops)and will continue to be a resource that is ever increasing in its ability to disseminate information about nonviolent conflict and education people about the power and strategy of civil resistance.

The site continues to grow as ICNC staff start developing their own online/digital initiatives.

Download Website Flyer

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