Peace Education Course with DCPS Teachers

Great group of DCPS teachers, counselors and administrators participating in my peace education class

I just finished teaching a week-long (m-f, 9am-5pm) intensive peace education course at American University with 24 DC Public School teachers, counselors, and administrators.

The course is offered as part of the Alliance for Quality Urban Education, a partnership among key stakeholders in teacher education in the District of Columbia. The goal of AQUE is to improve student achievement through a comprehensive teacher preparation model, designed to support the ongoing development of a highly qualified teaching force.

It was such an honor to work with these dedicated and talented educators and to spend a week with them exploring themes such as community building, multiple intelligences, conflict resolution, nonviolent civic action, emotional intelligence, and a number of experiential and participatory methods of engaging their students in all these themes.

Download course syllabus.
Download sessions learning plans.

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