AU Social Learning Summit

In the spirit of this summit, I decided to blog about the different panels I attended by copying what I thought were some of the key tweets that other participants had been sharing during our #sls11 “communal note taking.”  I was a panelist for the Peace through Tweets sessions and really enjoyed talking about the various ideas and debates within that field.

Panelists: Sarah Kessler (@sarahfkessler), Patrick Foster (@mrpattyfoster), Jon Hussey (@auwebmanager), Yong Lee (@yongclee), Andi Narvaez (@andinarvaez), Scott Talan (@talan), Rhonda Zaharna

@TechChange Social media definitely helps me focus more during panels and presentations Having to capture key takaways is a great way to learn. #sls11

@bobfine RT @aaron_j_patton RT @milouness “5 Skills for 21st Century Learners” Great read b4 #sls11 keynote on Radical Education

@Allysonsational According to @Talan there are 3 things incoming students should do: “Pay your tuition. Get your shots. And get on LinkedIn!” #SLS11

@AUedu285 I rock a class blog and Twitter acct for my course @AmericanU, as well – – Edu for Int’l Development. #sls11 @AUedu285

@WriterChanelle “Students who might not be comfortable asking questions in the class use the Professor’s hashtag to tweet/take notes” #SLS11

@BoydleService Having a back channel up in class opens new and innovative approaches to class room experience. “social note-taking” with hashtags #SLS11

@TechChange There are so misconceptions swirling around about what twitter is useful for. Really need to demonstrate value for students #sls11

@daryncambridge Twitter is a good way to engage learners in “communal note taking” #sls11

@Allysonsational Some professors use Twitter as a medium for communal note taking in the classroom.I wish my classes did this! #SLS11

@daryncambridge Educators using Facebook for courses may also want to check out Edmodo – – anyone use this? Thoughts? #sls11

@dbelldc RT @techtAUk: Find out more about ATV’s Tech tAUk and our coverage of #SLS11 at – Our special episode airs on Tuesday …

@TechChange hashtags are so freakin powerful. More education needed to train people how to leverage them effectively #sls11

@angelialevy Nice to see some females on the panel. A mini example that women are becoming more visible in social media/tech universe. #SLS11 #AOSLS11

@BoydleService Every class should have a hashtag. Use existing resources to further the conversations/learning experience outside of the classroom. #SLS11

@Allysonsational @AmericanU has been leading the way for integration of social media and learning. Our professors and students are so engaged! #SLS11

@daryncambridge Integrating social media in the classroom oftentimes focuses too much on the tool vs. its utility to actually enhance learning. #sls11

@TechChange lots of research shows that humans learn best through teaching others. Tweeting is a form of teaching (distilling key learnings) #sls11

@jstone6341 #SLS11 @yongclee: “Twitter is part of a larger writing ecosystem.”

@Allysonsational Professors AND students are responsible for making the classroom an engaging atmosphere. #SLS11

@daryncambridge Using twitter in the classroom to write captions for pictures. Brilliant! via @talan #sls11

@hannahjoansmith ‘Twitter is for the people you don’t know but gain benefit from.’ Well said sir, well said. #SLS11

@lcatino “Twitter isn’t a substitute, it’s a supplement.” Go on Twit to engage w/ ppl who stimulate your thinking; FB for social formalities. #sls11

@bivings pluged-in educators are allowing cell phones and laptops in the classroom. Students can get distracted w/o computers, too #SLS11 ( @IsCool )

@catelouie “Problems with distractions have been around before social media” #sls11

@daryncambridge Finding ways to ensure that tweeting doesn’t just replace doodling in the classroom #sls11

@daryncambridge All #sls11 attendees should check out the Frontline show, “Digital Nation” – particularly the part on education –

@TechChange 140 million tweets sent daily. Some other incredible twitter stats. #sls11

@daryncambridge I think its more about tapping into multiple intelligences, rather than expecting everyone to multitask #sls11. Key distinction.

@AU_SMCEDU . @auwebmanager comments on how new students are able to connect with @AmericanU and the 70 depts & many profs before school starts #SLS11

@ncmart Class of the future for us online is highly interactive, hybrid between online and face-to-face, gamified, and social #sls11

@lcatino Eg. Universities sharing/interacting with nonstudents. Check out Columbia’s #Sm Skills for Journalists syllabus #sls11

@daryncambridge via @yongclee – a ton of information is great, but it needs some type of guidance to create a worthwhile learning journey. #sls11

@ncmart Check out how we used social media in an @techchange class at AU on applications of tech for peacebuilding: #sls11

@TechChange Students should be present at every stage of integration process. AU is a great incubator. #sls11

@daryncambridge via @alexpriest – today, social media in education is about taking risks and experimenting, seeing what works #sls11

@DistrictOfAris A cassette tape was considered social media during the Iranian Revolution #SLS11

@TechChange hearing about an ancient artifact .. something called a “cassette” someone help me – what is that thing? #sls11

@elyseindc Love that professor zaharana felt that a cassette tape was a social media tool back in 1979. It’s so true. #sls11

@TechChange social learning not social media! love the distinction #sls11

@TechChange For those that are interested. Here is what a cassette is: #sls11

@daryncambridge via @alexpriest – Learn about ignite presentations – #sls11

@socialmediaclub Tune into #SLS11 hashtag today-April 3rd to see key takeaways from Social Learning Summit 2011 at American University


Panelists: Angelo Carusone (@stopbeck), Christie Garton (@usatkindness), Richard Graves (@richardgraves), Asher Huey (@asherhuey), Sarah Kessler (@sarahfkessler), Alan Rosenblatt (@drdigipol), Megan Yarbrough (@misshealth)

ncmart 11:50am via web

Twitter is such a powerful listening device, so many ngos and govt agencies dont use it well. #sls11 #activism

awolAU 11:50am via Seesmic for BlackBerry

“if you’re doing stuff online with fake accounts the odds of you getting caught are SO high.” – @drdigipol #sls11 #activism

daryncambridge 11:54am via HootSuite

In some countries what “we” (in US) think of “slacktivism” is actually quite high-risk and a powerful form of resistance. #sls11 #activism

ranachronism 11:59am via TweetDeck

“We should stop pigeonholing ourselves.” Social media not just about communication, but organizing and in every department #SLS11 #activism

ranachronism 12:04pm via TweetDeck

One pitfall of social media is you have a limited time to make your case. And audience has own intuitions @StopBeck #SLS11 #activism

suchthekaitlin 12:09pm via web

Tools compliment eachother – blog a few days a week, tweet every day via @andinarvaez #budblog #SLS11

bivings 12:14pm via TweetDeck

what’s next: You gotta put some money into your social media campaigns…and embrace mobile @AsherHuey #SLS11 #activism

DCdebbie 12:16pm via Twittelator

The impact of small acts: small actions can lead to large impact. Case: Haiti, small donations, huge aggregate. #activism #sls11

tduhart75 12:20pm via web RT @TechChange: people are using internet to learn about politics. Not worth dismissing it as slactivism. @drdigipol #sls11 #activism


Panelists: Kendall Byl (@kendallbyl), Tracy Johnson (@tjohns06), Pallavi Kumar (@pdkdc), Stefy Narvaez (@fairtradestefy), Amy Phillips (@amydpp), Nicole Pulley (@nicolepulley)

TechChange 1:48pm via web mark zuckerberg said in jan that Russia, China, Korea and India are next big markets for facebook #sls11

pdkdc 1:50pm via HootSuite Mobile penetration in the developing world now is 68 percent – think of the possibilities. #SLS11

TechChange 1:53pm via web 700,000 new facebook users added each day. Thats roughly the population of guyana joining daily! #sls11

tsepeaces 1:55pm via HootSuite RT @pdkdc: In Africa the top activities for mobile-only users are: downloading games (55%); music (54%); social networking (52%); email (46%). #SLS11

pdkdc 2:00pm via HootSuite Digital diplomacy is using technology to promote democracy. #SLS1

camillahawth 2:01pm via HootSuite It’s “shockingly” easy to get around the firewall in China. #sls11

TechChange 2:13pm via web “social media was vital for sharing message of nonviolence for protesters in tahrir square” #sls11

davepierpont 2:13pm via TweetDeck Social Media kept the Mainstream Media focused on what was happening in the Near East revolutions #SLS11 Now we got good info!

suchthekaitlin 2:26pm via txt Great tools can be used for both good and for awful intentions. #globalnetwork #SLS11

aaron_j_patton 2:27pm via Twitter for iPad The onion router (#tor) highlighted by @amydpp at #sls11. Essential for #privacy in nations where participatory #collaboration is oppressed.

bobfine 2:37pm via Twitterrific RT @andinarvaez One thing to keep in mind Everyone in the world is NOT on Facebook [map] WE have to fill in gaps #sls11


Panelists: Nick Martin (@ncmart), Daryn Cambridge (@daryncambridge), Anand Varghese (@vargheseanand),  Ashleigh Zimmerman (@seedsofpeace), Craig Hayden

AU_SMCEDU 9:40am via Twitter for iPhone Most essential tool for peace right now? Not web-based at all, it’s #mobile, says @vargheseanand. #sls11 #peace
AU_SMCEDU 9:41am via Twitter for iPhone By 2015, every phone in the entire world will be a smartphone. #sls11 #peace // that’s incredible.
TechChange 9:43am via TweetDeck integration of radio and mobile will drive next wave of innovation for peacebuilding work #peace #sls11

JoshuaBauder 9:52am via TweetDeck media used to be controlled by professional class but now with the internet that has changed #SLS11 #peace

feldmaniac 9:53am via Nambu “We can create our own personalized news streams.” “We don’t have to go through an editor.” #sls11 #peace

mirandagale 9:53am via Twitter for iPhone “Power is quite pluralistic” with the responsibility of many to give media legitimacy. – @doryncambridge #sls11 #peace

AU_SMCEDU 9:54am via Twitter for iPhone Biggest challenge in 21st century isn’t coming up with latest greatest tech, it’s adaptation. How do we get people to use it? #sls11 #peace

upeace 9:58am via TweetDeck “education for adaptation is key for technology to really be effective for peacebuilding” #peace #sls11

AU_SMCEDU 10:10am via Twitter for iPhone “#Mobile learning sucks even more than online learning right now.” – @ncmart #sls11 #peace

AU_SMCEDU 10:13am via Twitter for iPhone Learning should be about US, not just the experts in the room. – @daryncambridge #sls11 #peace

JoshuaBauder 10:15am via TweetDeck Instead of having a situation room you now have a peace room #SLS11 #peace

JPedde 10:16am via Echofon FALSE. Check RT @AU_SMCEDU: “Mobile learning sucks even more than online learning right now.” – @ncmart #sls11 #peace

TechChange 10:20am via TweetDeck “never been a better advertisement for US govt than wikileaks ” ha! – @wmmartin50 #peace #sls11

jeedarmawan 10:21am via Twitter for BlackBerry® Fundamental dilemma of public diplomacy: how do you demonstrate listening? Who responds to tweets, etc online? #sls11 #peace

monarchslager 10:22am via HootSuite I’m hearing there’s no more situation room…so where does that leave Wolf Blitzer? #sls11 #peace

AU_SMCEDU 10:27am via Twitter for iPhone Social media has built-in corrective mechanism for false info. How much false info comes from #MSM & is never corrected? #sls11 #peace

TechChange 10:34am via TweetDeck more data created in 2009 than in all years leading up to 2008. – Harvard Business Review #peace #sls11

TechChange 10:42am via TweetDeck we need a new ethics of communications with new literacy and mindset #peace #sls11

jeedarmawan 10:49am via Twitter for BlackBerry® The rise of citizen journalism takes time to understand non-violent movement and reports more accurately #sls11 #peace

feldmaniac 10:51am via Nambu Legitimate sources & corrective mechanisms- important tools in transmitting accurate information. #sls11 #peace

TechChange 10:57am via TweetDeck Tension between commercial and public interests of internet shapes space @vargheseanand #peace #sls11

TechChange 11:01am via TweetDeck talking about the difference between anonymity and psuedonymity (Sp?). depends on context! #peace #sls11


Panelists: Derrick Cogburn (@derrickcogburn), Scott Talan (@talan), Jenn Pedde (@jpedde), Ethan Pew (@ethanpew), Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco), Sarah Kessler (@sarahfkessler)

ranachronism 12:14pm via TweetDeck Cyber learning helps people in remote areas/with busy schedules get the degrees they want @shannonrenee #SLS11 #classroom

dbelldc 12:16pm via Twitter for Mac Distance learning does offer flexibility for students with families, or professors going to conferences, etc. #SLS11 #classroom

ranachronism 12:17pm via TweetDeck Cyber learning makes it easy to record lessons, make them available afterwards @derrickcogburn #SLS11 #classroom

dbelldc 12:20pm via Twitter for Mac I do believe that teleconferencing brings out the inner “Verizon Wireless guy” in all of us. #SLS11 #classroom (Can you hear me now?)

ranachronism 12:21pm via TweetDeck Feedback is integral to all learning, particularly cyber learning @ethanpew #SLS11 #classroom

ranachronism 12:24pm via TweetDeck Mixture of online and in class learning creates optimal experience, says @talan #classroom #SLS11

harmonygritz 12:25pm via TweetDeck RT @ranachronism: Cyberlearning creates sharing, spurs engagement. But profs also need to think about increasing depth of thought @ethanpew #SLS11 #classroom

TechChange 12:31pm via TweetDeck Teachers cant force students to use social media. Can create incentives to participate – make it valuable #sls11 #classroom

AU_SMCEDU 12:33pm via Twitter for iPhone “You know when you’re feeling disequilibrium you’re going in a good direction.” #SLS11 #classroom

ranachronism 12:34pm via TweetDeck Twitter fall helps shy students engage, get real world examples, pull in wider network of alum and contacts @jpedde #SLS11

TechChange 12:36pm via TweetDeck visual twitter as “idea wall” – need a new kind of conference literacy for this #classroom #sls11

pdkdc 12:38pm via TweetDeck As soon as we make Facebook a requirement in class it will be uncool, undergrads will abandon it and find something else #SLS11 #classroom

TechChange 12:39pm via TweetDeck hosting a live twitter chat at the end of a class is a neat way to have students synthesize learnings and converse w/world #sls11 #classroom

LASuperville 12:41pm via TwitBird Discussing Twitter’s terms of use. Super cool idea for students less familiar with Twitter.

daryncambridge 12:45pm via HootSuite The total package of “going to college” – dorms, rushing, games, etc. – cannot be replicated online #sls11 #classroom

raulpacheco 12:47pm via TweetDeck I monitor tweets from my students while I’m in the #classroom to see if they ask questions/comment #sls11 – helps me answer instantaneously

ranachronism 12:49pm via TweetDeck Need to align course objectives and social media used in class. Don’t just use it to use it #fromtheaudience #SLS11 #classroom

TechChange 12:54pm via TweetDeck Some examples of how we’ve used SM in classroom at TechChange: #sls11 #classroom

TechChange 1:06pm via TweetDeck do we go where students are or create separate learning space? @daryncambridge #classroom #sls11

ranachronism 1:04pm via TweetDeck Need to check out UDel social media best practices guide mentioned by @JPedde #SLS11 #classroom

ranachronism 1:12pm via TweetDeck Twitter eliminates fluff: every character counts @talan #SLS11 #classroom

aaron_j_patton 1:14pm via Twitter for iPad Can #gamification better engage and connect the classroom? Inst of Play & Quest to Learn is trying: #classroom #sls11

Chronotope 1:16pm via HootSuite Yay! 🙂 RT @TechChange: Really love the model at George Mason with student faculty supported wordpress sites @chronotope #classroom #sls11

WriterChanelle 1:17pm via TweetDeck If we recall early computer games used to help students learn, gamification can be useful #SLS11 #classroom

raulpacheco 1:18pm via TweetDeck Games can be good educational tools – see the work of @avantgarde and her TED talk on gaming and saving the world #sls11 #classroom

WriterChanelle 1:19pm via TweetDeck Students can become mayor of the classroom, get extra credit for attendance? #SLS11 #classroom

Nitesh_Arora 1:19pm via Twitter for Mac RT @dbelldc: Should tweet walls be used in the #classroom? My opinion is no, unless your class is so boring no one is paying attention anyway. #SLS11

ranachronism 1:23pm via TweetDeck @Chronotope BB can be cumbersome. WordPress provides a surprisingly simple and yet really comprehensive alternative #sls11 #classroom

ranachronism 1:31pm via TweetDeck Returned for a gem: Social media is sooo much more than just facebook and twitter @ShannonRenee #SLS11 #classroom

Chronotope 1:31pm via HootSuite @ranachronism YES! If anyone wants help rebelling from Blackboard to WordPress I’d be glad to help for free. #sls11 #classroom

TechChange 1:33pm via TweetDeck message to lecture-centric profs: social media can make classrooms more open and easier to faciliate! #classroom #sls11

chrisheuer 1:32pm via Twitter for iPhone #SLS11 if you are interested in #classroom discussion join the community #sociallearning #socialmedia #smcedu

Chronotope 1:34pm via HootSuite What to remember for social media in the #classroom – It’s not the tool but the methodology. #sls11

leteliern 1:47pm via TweetDeck RT @WriterChanelle: We can’t control what students do with social media, but so many don’t understand the educational benefit. Teach that. #SLS11 #classroom


Panelists: Ali Allage (@ali_allage), Vince Buscemi (@vincbuscemi), Glenna DeRoy (@ghderoy), Barg Upender (@bargupender), Aram Zucker-Scharff (@chronotope)

JoshuaBauder 2:10pm via TweetDeck The textbook is slowly becoming digital. A lot of colleges are already switching over to ebook only classes #SLS11 #appedu

daryncambridge 2:15pm via HootSuite If you are using an online platform that does not allow for mobile application (ehem, Blackboard) you are doing it wrong #sls11 #appedu

JPedde 2:16pm via Echofon Check out USC’s mobile app for their teaching program: #sls11 #appedu

JoshuaBauder 2:17pm via TweetDeck Stanford has put all of their mobile app development classes on iTunes be sure to check it out #SLS11 #appedu

JoshuaBauder 2:19pm via TweetDeck is an amazing source of information for learning mobile app development #SLS11 #appedu

TechChange 2:20pm via TweetDeck wordpress mobile pack is great way to start building mobile apps! via @chronotope #appedu #sls11

aaron_j_patton 2:22pm via Twitter for iPad Learning management systems, corporate or educational, MUST support mobile. Amen @chronotype. #sls11 #appedu

daryncambridge 2:30pm via HootSuite via @ghderoy – it is mistake to create a presence on a social media platform without having any clear purpose #sls11 #appedu

darthcheeta 2:34pm via HootSuite RT @daryncambridge: Check out Google App developer – #sls11 #appedu

AU_SMCEDU 2:36pm via Twitter for iPhone Educators want to tell stories through geolocation. @foursquare isn’t enough, says @chronotope #SLS11 #appedu

ranachronism 2:48pm via TweetDeck Gamification used to motivate, but how do you make sure that people are really learning, not just looking for gold stars? #SLS11 #appedu

TechChange 2:49pm via TweetDeck danger is that people get carried away with games, forget what the hell they’re supposed to be learning in 1st place. #appedu #sls11

TechChange 2:51pm via TweetDeck Check out game studies journal via @chronotope .. good advice #appedu #sls11

daryncambridge 2:51pm via HootSuite As a peace educator, gamification should foster collaboration and cooperation, not just competition and gold stars #sls11 #appedu

JoshuaBauder 2:53pm via TweetDeck Gamification can help with the retention of knowledge by students #SLS11 #appedu

ranachronism 2:52pm via TweetDeck Gamification forces you to break down complex concepts into retainable pieces @Chronotope #SLS11 #appedu

ranachronism 2:59pm via TweetDeck Prblm with edu and mobile app creation: dealing with commercial interests @Chronotope #SLS11 #appedu

ranachronism 3:01pm via TweetDeck Grouptexting a prblm in edu bc texts are too private a space (even more so than Facebook) @Chronotope #SLS11 #appedu

TechChange 3:03pm via TweetDeck Data plans, impt consideration for group texting. Can also get very scammy #appedu #sls11

mirandagale 3:03pm via Twitter for iPhone The AU_SMCEDU team used groupme to organize #SLS11, like walkie talkies… Great for collaborative efforts! #appedu #sls11 cc @vincebuscemi

daryncambridge 3:06pm via HootSuite Sometimes you need sticky notes, flip chart, and markers for communal note taking when learners have no phones #sls11 #appedu

ranachronism 3:11pm via TweetDeck Getting slightly concerned that education is becoming too reliant on technology. Can’t shake the ? of the digital divide #SLS11

TechChange 3:15pm via TweetDeck I feel like too many online universities are driven by $$ and not by urge to provide good teaching to more ppl. #sls11 #appedu

TechChange 3:25pm via TweetDeck deep learning vs broad learning — great distinction. Mobile bttr for broad learning #appedu #sls11

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