Presentation at Point Conference in Sarajevo

This past weekend I gave a presentation (via Skype) on the use of ICT for nonviolent action at the Point Conference in Sarajevo.  I was invited to participate by my friend, Darko Brkan, who had attended ICNC’s 2010 Fletcher Summer Institute.  You can learn more about Darko by checking out this On the Ground Interview I conducted with him a couple years ago.

My presentation looked at four main ways nonviolent movements have been leveraging ICT in their struggles – communication, mobilization, organizing/coordinating, and documentation.  Continue reading to watch and listen to a slidecast of the presentation…

This was a cool experience – to be able to join and contribute to the conference from overseas.  I would love to have attended in person to link up with and learn from the other people who where there, but my work schedule and life happenings prevented me from doing that.  Skype worked pretty darn well, though.  I used Skype’s “share my screen” function and was then able to broadcast my PPT slides and voice with the audience in Sarajevo.
I then decided to turn the presentation into a slidecast (as seen above), which is a relatively new feature now available on Slideshare, the slide/presentation sharing website.  Slidecasting allows users to add audio overlays to their slides so that viewers can hear the narration that goes along with each slide or presenters an add music to their slides.

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